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About our programs and academies


At our Arizona academies we’re serious about martial arts.  Martial arts isn’t just about self defense, its also about building self-esteem and gaining crucial life skills like confidence and self-discipline.  If you want to make a serious difference in your or your child’s life, check out our available programs and contact the school closest to you today!


Kids, Teens, and Adults – Our kid’s taekwondo program, dubbed “Karate 4 Kids”, includes everything kids 4-13 need to build their confidence, gain strength, learn crucial life skills, and get a great workout.  Students are broken up into groups according to age and ability in order to give them the best possible training experience.

Our Teen and Adult program offers the same high energy workout and structured classes in an environment designed specifically for teens and adults.  Families are welcome to train together at the kid’s classes and parents can also get specialized training at our adult classes.

Leadership and Legacy – Our leadership program allows students of all ages a deeper understanding of our life-skills and teaches leading skills including confident voice, spectacular demonstration, positive drama, encouragement and celebration, and so much more.

Legacy classes are for the serious martial artist who has chosen the path to becoming a martial arts Professional.  The Legacy program is designed to help students become teachers, learning the structured teaching methods developed by the ATA over 50 years.

About Our Instructors


Mr Kim

Mr. H. J. Kim

Mr. Kim started his training in January of 1998 at the University of Arizona. He is a 5th degree black belt and the chief instructor at Oro Valley ATA. He is one of the original instructors of this school since opening in September of 2003 and has been teaching full time since 2004.

Miss Jamie

Miss Jamie Archambault

Miss Jamie Archambault started her Taekwondo training at 5 years old at Oro Valley ATA back in 2004. She is currently a 4th degree black belt and is the certified, head instructor of Oro Valley ATA as well as being the longest standing student of the school.



Mr. Eric Hodges

Mr. Hodges began his ATA training in Germany in 2000.  Since then he has achieved the rank of 4th degree black belt and is the Chief Instructor at Sunrise Taekwondo.  He trained with both Mr. Kim and Master Feiles at the University of Arizona and began his career as an instructor at the Oro Valley ATA location along with Mr. Kim in 2003.  In 2007 he helped open Sunrise Taekwondo and since then has become the Chief Instructor of the school.

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Mr. Justin Richert

Mr. Richert began his training at the University of Arizona in 2004.  After a break from martial arts training he became an assistant instructor at Sunrise Taekwondo in 2012 and received his Black Belt in 2013.  He is currently a 3rd degree black belt and the head instructor at Sunrise Taekwondo. 



Senior Master Lee Feiles

Senior Master Lee Feiles is a 7th degree black belt master instructor.  He is the chief instructor at Maricopa ATA.  Along with Chief Master Choi, Mr. Kim, and Mr. Hodges, he has been a part of the opening and teaching of multiple schools in southern Arizona. 

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